May 30, 2009

city garden

in the heart of the city it is uneasy to create green spaces, especially if you don't have a balcony... as a matter of fact what you can see here is an exterior staircase (used in a very old houses of a very low standard that presently are extremely fashionable) where a small city garden has been organized. well, maybe it's too tiny to be a called a garden, but who cares? we like it like that!

we have here a large variety of flowers and plants: ivy, pansy, roses, lavender, myrtle, cactus, fuchsia, bamboo, daisy, jasmine and many others. moreover there are plenty of birds flying around from here to there and singing their songs.

maybe the only missing thing is the grass ;)

so, to organize a garden like this it is not necessary to be neither land owners nor professional gardeners. it is enought to water the plants once a day and dedicate a couple of hours during the weekend for "extraordinary operations" - satisfaction and neighbours' envy guaranteed. so, working class - let's go gardening!

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