May 29, 2009

quick ideas - goat cheese with herbs - a lovely aperitivo

a  nice idea for a summer aperitivo is a fresh goat cheese (caprino) with fresh herbs. it takes only 5 minutes to prepare and is really delicious!

you will need:

- a fresh goat cheese
- few leafs of parsley, oregano, mint, thyme and basil (rigorously from your own garden:) finely chopped
- crackers, bread, carrots or celery to spread on

as my violet pansy is blossoming profusely in this period i used it as adornment together with few ivy leafs. strawberry jam and honey are here for another reason as the aperitivo was compound also of different kinds of cheese (emental, camembert, brie, parmigiano) that taste pretty good with jam and honey as well as with grapes.

for the drinks the best option is a glass of a well chilled white wine or of a gorgeous brut champagne.

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