May 29, 2009

spinach and feta - best cake in the world

usually i'm modest, but for my spinach and feta cake i'm sure to be a magician! it's easy and fast to prepare and always appreciated by everybody. it's perfect both hot and cold and goes well as a main course (with a simple salad) or as aperitivo.

you will need:

- briseè pastry (the one from the supermarket is ok and makes the receipe much simpler :)
- fresh "new" spinach leaves (about 150 g)
- feta cheese (150 - 200 g) cut in cubes
- crème fraiche (150-200 ml) - rigorously french and sour!
- 3 eggs
- 1 table spoon of butter
- pine nuts
- salt and peper

roll out the pastry in the previously buttered pan (for the ready-from-the-supermarket pastry you don't need a butter as there is a paper). make small hals with a fork and put feta cubes on it. boil the spinach leaves in a salted water for 1 minute. drain the leaves, add the butter and cook for 5 minutes on a moderate fire. take of from the fire, add eggs, crème fraiche, salt and peper and mix it all together with a wooden spoon. put the mixture in to the pan and sprinkle with pine nuts. put in the oven (pre-heated
to 200 C degrees) and bake for about 30 minutes.



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