June 26, 2009


an old stile summer bouquet in an old stile country context.

before the last paeonies fade in this last days of june we are still in time to create lovely fragrant bouquets.

majestic and decorative paeonies are a perfect ornament for every interior. look subtle and elegant on white marble and beside a fine china box.

carnation flowers in an ancient gravy boat and a gravevine - another proposal of a summer bouquet to bring in your house.

June 04, 2009


this small lovely candies is confectionery (or sugar almonds) used for special occasions as litte gifts for party guests - especially for weddings, babtisms and graduations. they are usually packed in a beautiful way, as you can see in this shop window from a nice small town in the north of italy (cremona).
a part the appearance (absolutely gorgeous) the confectionery is heavenly tasty. there are plenty of different types, starting from the classical almond and sugar to a more sweet almond sugar and chocolate, up to many many other like chocolate and banana, lemon, pistachio, and more, and more, and more.

the capital of the confectionery is sulmona - an italian town in abbruzzo specialized in manufacturing of these sweet jewels. but the most beautiful and tasty come from a very small manufacturer based in milan conti confetteria.

would you like to have a look inside?

June 01, 2009


why shouldn't our houses be pink? there are plenty of beautiful pink home accessories form the tableware to furniture.

below some ideas to make your house (and life) pink. it works especially if you stay most part of the day in the gloomy office and have to bear ugly furniture and colourless walls. few pink objects in your house will make you happier when you are back home in the evening. it's tested!


different shades of pink for your breakfast. the glass sugar jar comes from one of the most amazing shops in milan - love therapy.

pink curtains are always cute and goes well with every kind of plants or flowers on your window still.

tiny pink teddy bears, smaller than the little finger, are actually mobile phone gadgets, here standing next to family pictures.

these two lovely ceramic pink pigs are souvenirs from the slovak mountains.


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