June 04, 2009


this small lovely candies is confectionery (or sugar almonds) used for special occasions as litte gifts for party guests - especially for weddings, babtisms and graduations. they are usually packed in a beautiful way, as you can see in this shop window from a nice small town in the north of italy (cremona).
a part the appearance (absolutely gorgeous) the confectionery is heavenly tasty. there are plenty of different types, starting from the classical almond and sugar to a more sweet almond sugar and chocolate, up to many many other like chocolate and banana, lemon, pistachio, and more, and more, and more.

the capital of the confectionery is sulmona - an italian town in abbruzzo specialized in manufacturing of these sweet jewels. but the most beautiful and tasty come from a very small manufacturer based in milan conti confetteria.

would you like to have a look inside?

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