July 15, 2009


after giving you some ideas to make your houses more pink and joyful let us convice you to fall in love also with white objects.

white is the most neutral color one can choose and goes perfectly with every other shade (including pink obviously!).

what we would suggest, a part white furniture (absolutely georgeus but not at all practical, especially when you have children), are some ornamental objects, kitchenware and lots of white flowers (beautiful not only on your wedding day).

for home ornaments and kitchenware white china is maybe the best choice. white kitchenware can be easily combined with colourfull table cloth and napkins and everything will perfectly match.


white fowers stay well in every window and every vase. in our opinion however the nicest way is to place them on the bedroom window.


they will certainly add some relaxing atmosphere to that truly relaxing room where all you need to do is to feel good.

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