August 05, 2009

city gardens in competition

this time love lives in the kitchen is visiting two new "city gardens" and admiring their lovely benches and colorfull flowers.

these two urban oasis are placed in a big and crowded city and in the summer time transform from simple balconies into additional life spaces, kind of green rooms on the open air.

the nice thing is that both gardens are big enought to be used as dining rooms for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as for after-dinner cocktail.

sorrounded by beautiful flowers and colours, in the summer sun rays, it's lovely to take a rest from a busy city life, read a book or play with the cat. another pleasant but also necessary pastime in these oasis is gardening, as to keep the flowers so beautiful the whole summer an intervention of a practiced gardener is needed!

so among these two lovely city gardens which one would you vote for?

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