September 14, 2009

autumn in the garden

after summer hot there is finally some fresh air and i can bring new plants to my small city garden. days are becoming shorter, sun is shining gently and autumn rain is refreshing the air. all this with some wonderful autumn flowers makes me smile and love this season.
chrysanthemums are bringing joy and colour. they are resistent to parasitics and don't need many cares. they are a perfect choice to invigorate every autumn garden or balcony.
beside the chrysanthemum also purple heathers look beautiful. they make me think about the honey moon in scotland last year - what a lovely journey.

cyclamens are here waiting for the winter cold. during the long winter months they will proudly show their magnificient and colourful flowers.


Torie Jayne said...

So many gorgeous potted plants here, I especially love the cyclamens, so pretty! Have a sweet day! x

love lives in the kitchen said...

cyclamens are my favourites plants. they resist so many months and are giving colour to your life in the winter time.

Beach Vintage said...

Look at all these wonderful flowers. Just beautiful. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.

Bleudelavande said...

Ooohhh anch'io amo i fiori compresi i lilium, i tuoi sono fantastici! Chissà che profumo che hai in casa!!! Grazie per la tua visita e per i tuoi complimenti, mi fa molto piacere che ti piaccia il mio blog!
A presto. Ti auguro una splendida serata!

Katy said...

Really? The cyclamens will bloom throughout winter? It gets as low as 0 degrees here. That is rare, it is more likely to average around 10 degrees for the coldest. I have window boxes that I needed to put something in for the winter. Do you think these will do?


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