September 15, 2009

blossoming house

yesterday evening i came back home from the office and found my lily blossoming (in the morning almost all buds were still closed). isn't it beautiful?

i love fresh flowers and white lily is one of my absolute favourites! hope you like it too...

this is not the end! my amarillis is about to blossom in few days. i will certainly show you.
have a great tuesday!


Federica said...

Ciao Justyna
che bel posto il tuo blog! Ma mi sembra che love lives in every room of your home!
Passerò a trovarti ancora

love lives in the kitchen said...

grazie per il carinissimo commento :) anch'io passo senz'altro a trovarti..
a presto!

Torie Jayne said...

So very beautiful! Have a sweet day! x

Beach Vintage said...

How lovely they look in the evening light.

Kristin said...

So pretty! I had those at my wedding. Brings back memories!

~KS said...

Lilies have always been my favorite flowers... Love their smell, their look... they just make me smile :)


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