September 10, 2009

details make home

the most beautiful houses are those where it is possible to learn about the personality of the owners from the furniture, decorative details and the choice of colours. houses with soul where single objects are chosen carefully and are able to speak about their stories and origins.

chair - Nap Atelier, cushions Nap Atelier and La bottega della nonna


simple and white wardrobe can be personalized with porcelain knobs and curtain bows. you can get this way a low cost but very special furniture reflecting your personality. the wide choice of colours can help to find the most appropriate to match with the rest of objects in your house.

on these pictures we can see the bedroom wardrobe in pink and ante-room wardrobe with navy knobs and bows.

little sweet cushion on a black and white checked armchair changes a lot. makes it even seem more comfortable and invites you to seat in it.

armchair Ikea, cushion Nap Atelier.

below other examples of some beautiful home details able to personalize and give soul to your house. sometimes it takes many years to collect them during various journeys, visits on flea markets, unexpected discoveries (often low cost) in various shops. many of them are gifts and especially those need to be kept with love and care.

a tiny porcelian box with butterflies found by chance in a low cost stock in milan.

my favourites kettles (all gifts) together with pate box, old fashion candy box and a glass jar where i keep a memory of this year's paeonies until the next year when the new aeonies will blossom.  


Federica said...

Thanks for your nice comment, I'm glad that you liked it! Hope to post more pics as soon as possible!

Have a great day.

love lives in the kitchen, justyna anna said...

oh, i'm looking forward to see new pics!


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