March 08, 2010

cookie tale part one - chewy or crunchy?

my followers know that i simply love cookies. i dream on publishing a cookie cook book one day and i'm testing many different recipes. with this post i would like to start a set of entries all dedicated to lovely cookies of different types. first of all a main distinction: what kind of cookie do you prefer more: chewy or crunchy? i thought that my favourite was chewy but then i discovered an amazing crunchy recipe and now i just don't know... i think i love both. in any case you will have an occassion to find your favourite cookie if you want to test some of my recipes starting from the next post from the cookie tale series :) i hope you will enjoy :)


i miei follower sanno che io amo i cookies. il mio sogno è quello di pubblicare un giorno il libro sui cookies e per questo sto testando diverse ricette. con questo post vorrei iniziare una serie di uscite tutte dedicate agli splendidi cookies di vari tipi. prima di tutto la grande distinzione: quale cookie vi piace di più: uno gommoso e uno croccante? io pensavo che il mio preferito fosse il gommoso ma poi ho trovato una magnifica ricetta per i croccanti e adesso non so più... credo di amare entrambi. in ogni caso avrete l'occassione di capire quale cookie fa per voi se solo vorrete testare qualche mia ricetta a partire dal prossimo post della serie cookie tale :) spero che vi piacerà :)


moi czytelnicy wiedza, ze uwielbiam cookies. moim marzeniem jest opublikowanie kiedys ksiazki kucharskiej na temat cookies i testuje bardzo wiele roznych przepisow. tym postem chcialabym otworzyc cala serie zadedykowana ciasteczkom roznego rodzaju. przede wszystkim nalezy zaczac od podstawowej roznicy: jakie ciasteczka wolicie: miekkie i ciagnace czy chrupiace? ja myslalam, ze moje ulubione to miekkie i ciagnace ale potem znalazlam swietny przepis na  chrupiace i sama juz nie wiem... mysle, ze lubie jednakowo obydwa rodzaje. w kazym razie bedziecie miec okazje zeby sprawdzic jaki jest wasz ulubiony typ ciasteczka jesli tylko bedziecie chcieli przetestowac niektore z moich przepisow zaczynajac od nastepnego postu z seri cookie tale :) mam nadzieje, ze wam sie spodoba :)   


Flaviana said...

Carissima, non vedo l'ora di provare !!! Credo di preferire il tipo gommoso ma probabilmente cambierò idea provando le tue ricette?? Aspetto con ansia cookie tale part II
Bacioni, Flaviana

shahana said...

Wat abeautiful presentation!!!

Claudia Medeiros said...

Sweet Justyna,

Stopping by your blog is such a temptation ! I'll love your cookie recipes and as Autumn is going to be here in two weeks, cookies and tea will be perfect to warm my days ;)


Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea

Home and Lifestyle said...

Hi Justyna!

Thanks for your lovely words on my blog, they are heartwarming! Your cookies seems delicious, I can't make everything because of my must be great to eat everything you want!!

Have a nice day! Warm regards, Ingrid

Herrad said...

Hi Justynba,
What a lovely post your cookies look and sound delicious.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a pleasant day.

Torie Jayne said...

Those cookies look and sound so yummy! Have a sweet day!

Chocolate Lover said...

Can't wait for your posts! I love chewy cookies

Mela said...

Hi, it's my first time in your nice blog, I was looking for muffins inspirations...And I found them!

Annalisa said...

oh ma sono fantastici!!che bella idea quella di pubblicare un libro sui cookies!!!
sarebbe un bellissimo libro :)
Non vedo l'ora di vedere altri post sui cookies, e provare le ricette!

Joy said...

I look forward to all the cookies!

Auntie Cake said...

I used to be a chewy girl, but now I am starting to dig the crunchy ones too. I am just an all around cookie girl!!!

Have a great week!

Lorenza said...

Crunchy forever....


Kimberly said...

You ought to do a cookbook. I will buy one. Will you sign it for me?

iana said...


Lilla Kullan said...

Oh. I can smell it. Wonderful.:-) Stina

The Cooking Photographer said...

I love both too. Chewy or crunchy a good cookie is special. Your cookies are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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Peanutts said...

hi , looks lovely, my biscuit tin is empty :) email me some hehehe

manon 21 said...

Ils me font envie tes gâteaux si bien présentés.
merci de ta visite.



Betty said...

Lovely post, lovely cookies, lovely pics!.
You always make my day!
B. xx


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